This is a course in authentic self-knowledge and practical esotericism.

Gnosis is a true scientific school of regeneration and initiation into life, whose aim is the transformation of the human being. We invite every Man and every Woman to change their basic principles and customs, awaken their dormant possibilities and realise themselves as true human beings.

In this course you will learn about psychoanalysis, the awakening of consciousness, meditation, the vocalisation of mantras, runes, physico-esoteric exercises, alchemy, Being and consciousness, the chakras, the law of karma, reincarnation, the mysteries of life and death, Gnostic philosophy, the elementals of nature, initiation, among other subjects.

Lesson 1
What is Gnosis?

This introduction to the course presents an overview of the origins, foundations and objectives of Gnosis as Universal Knowledge.

Lesson 3
The Awakening of Consciousness

A study of Consciousness, the subconscious, the unconscious, etc. What are the causes of the sleep of Consciousness in human beings and what are the keys to Awakening?

Lesson 2
Personality, Essence and Ego

This lesson looks at the 3 main aspects of human psychology and their characteristics, as well as the work that needs to be done to develop self-knowledge.


First Chamber (Basic Chamber)

If you are unable to attend the course in person at any of our learning centers, please register for the distance learning course using our contact form.

Lesson 4
The Psychological 'I'

What is meant by the I, the Ego or the psychological aggregate. What is its origin? What are the forms and consequences of its manifestation?

Lesson 5
Light, Heat and Sound

Description of the 3 primary forces of Nature and the Cosmos, revered by the various ancient cultures. In-depth study of the Word: the Chakras and their Mantras.

Lesson 6
The Human Machine

The study of the five centres of our body. How to use them in a wise and balanced way for our well-being, health and quality of life.

Lesson 7
The World of Relationships

An in-depth analysis of the different types of relationships. How self-knowledge helps us to improve them and transform our lives.

Lesson 8
The Path and Life

The importance of giving transcendental meaning to our daily life. We acheive this by practising the 3 Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

Lesson 9
The Level of Being

Just as we can progress materially, we can also progress morally, psychologically and spiritually.

Lesson 10
The Decalogue

A study and analysis of one of the first codes of ethics to be handed down to mankind, from a scientific and practical point of view.

Lesson 11
Fundamental Education

A study of new principles of education based on the values of Consciousness. How to eliminate fear, complexes and limitations in order to develop our full potential.

Lesson 12
The Geneological Tree of Religions

An in-depth study of the root principles of all religions, the source of all religious forms, through which we can achieve fusion with our deepest Real Being.

Lesson 13
Evolution, Involution, Revolution

An analysis of two laws of Nature which govern the entire Universe, and the need for an inner Revolution to achieve true freedom, integrity and happiness.

Lesson 14
The Ray of Death

A study of what Universal Knowledge tells us about the processes that take place after death as taught to us by esoteric traditions and the Great Sages of Awakened Consciousness.

Lesson 15
Reincarnation, Return and Recurrence

A detailed description of these 3 laws which govern us here and now as well as throughout each of our lives.

Lesson 16
The Balance of Justice

Study of Destiny, Karma and Dharma, in order to be able to put the Great Universal Laws on our side.

Some of the practices we teach...

  • Meditation: This age-old practice is fundamental for anyone who aspires to know themselves in depth.

  • Vocalisation: We learn the science of mantras in order to reach a state of harmony, lucidity, balance and inner peace.

  • Self-Observation: Becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions enables us to live in a state of Self-Awareness.

  • The SOL KEY: By dividing our attention into Subject, Object and Location, we begin to activate our free Consciousness.

  • Retrospection: Taking stock of ourselves on a daily basis is an extraordinary way of getting to know ourselves and improving our lives.

  • And much more…

Frequently asked questions

In person or online. Please contact us via the details in the contact page.

Courses are completely free of charge.

3 to 6 months.

The courses are open to everyone.

Students are not required to complete the entire course and are free to stop at any time. However, we do expect students to attend regularly so that the didactic order of the concepts covered is respected and they are properly understood. If a student cannot attend due to an unavoidable situation, a make-up session can be organised with the instructor.

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Register now for the next course!

If you are unable to attend the courses at our Dublin center, please register for the online course using our contact form.